Build Guide

For us to understand what type of build you are after, we like to discuss all the different options and extract as much information as possible. This allows us to come up with the best design for you. Preferably we would like to invite you to the workshop, or if more convenient The Bike Shed Motorcyle Club in East London, for a meeting to discuss the build in depth. If this is not possible we can discuss the build via email.

The process of building our motorcycles is organic and very much alive. This means that the final outcome is influenced by a number of factors throughout the build and the end result cannot be entirely predetermined. As experienced and independent motorcycle builders we require your trust in us and our abilities.

We have found that not all of our customers want to be involved in the build and would prefer for us to build their motorcycle with total creative control. Although we are happy to do this, we actively encourage your involvement for inspiration in the design of the build so that your motorcycle is unique to you.

Once the nature of the build has been established and approved by you, final creative control must remain with us. This ensures that our builds stay true to our ethos and ultimately, our style. If you do choose to be involved in the build there are certain areas in which you can take the reins and make the decisions. These decisions are important to the final outcome and should be discussed together and considered carefully.

The Process

Every aspect of the build is carefully considered with quality in mind and uncompromising attention to detail. To ensure that our standards are met on all aspects of the build, we complete as much of the process
 as possible. Any components that cannot be made in-house are sourced from specialist manufacturers who we trust and work closely with.

Metal Fabrication

In line with our ethos, we shape all of our fuel tanks and panels from aluminium or steel using traditional metalwork techniques. We use the TIG welding process for welding most of our materials.

Paint and Finish

The colour chosen can define the character of the motorcycle. Generally this decision doesn’t need to be made until the half way stage of the build where the motorcycle, although in its raw state, is complete. We will advise, share ideas and even mock up designs to help come up with the best result. Carrying out all paintwork in house enables us to achieve a marriage of all the components of the design with an unbroken flow from tank to tail.


Wiring is carefully considered throughout the fabrication process to achieve a clean finish and optimize functionality.

Seat Trim and Design

In the constant pursuit of perfection we have worked hard to refine our trimming process and the materials we use. We can trim in a variety of materials. Vinyl, Leather, wax canvas or something more specialist such Alcantara. There is a varied selection of grains and colours available, which we will discuss further when choosing the overall colour scheme. Through experience we have found Vinyl to be the most practical material for motorcycle seat trim. The vinyl’s we use are indistinguishable from leather and are far more resilient in exposed conditions.

Exhaust Fabrication

We design and build our exhaust systems with performance and aesthetics in mind.

Wheels and Tyres

It is not always required to change the wheels. However, alloy and carbon options can be discussed in further detail.
For spoke wheel conversions we can design or adapt hubs to suit and wheels can be laced with stainless steel or black spokes and polished or anodised rims. Tyres will be considered with looks and practicality in mind.

Donor Motorcycle

Most of our builds start around a standard production motorcycle. The motorcycle chosen can define many of the characteristics of the completed build so we have to consider what best suits the build carefully. When choosing which motorcycle to use we must consider many factors. For instance, the intended application and use will have an influence on the style of the motorcycle used: a traditional café racer, scrambler, tracker or something completely unique. We must also consider the type of power and engine design. Most of our customers are after a motorcycle that will start every time and requires little maintenance. For this reason we find starting with a newer, well-maintained motorcycle is the best choice.