Honda CB750 – Bonesheart Specials : Part two

Building twins came with certain challenges and making them identical to each other was key.

We made various templates and jigs to enable us to make both aluminium tails, exhaust systems and various brackets the same.

To enable easy access to the electronics and a small storage compartment, we fitted the seat on a quick release catch.

With fabrication complete and the bikes stripped Des set to work on trimming the seats in a double stitched black vinyl.

Paint was finished in a solid black and dark metallic silver.

To help spread the Bonesheart name they gave us permission to take the bikes with us to a number of events so with plenty of late nights we completed the twins ready for The Bike Shed show in Paris. A few weeks after the show and after a very loud rolling road session we hit the road for the a 1000 mile trip down to Wheels and Waves where we took place in the famous punks peak race where we managed respectable 4th place.

The Bikes were then shipped out to their new home at Bonesheart HQ in Sweden. Follow Bonesheart here with a chance to win these bikes and other customs.

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