Ducati 749s Super Cafe 


A steel tube rear sub-frame was fabricated mounting the Shorai lithium battery on the tail. We then made the tailpiece and seat base, which was made to fit with a single bolt fixing. We fitted a Maxton rear shock and remote reservoir. A great looking item that once put to the test, performed great. The exhaust was made up from stainless steel bends, the front pipe coming out through the left belly pan section, and the rear curling it’s was to back. Both left open with no baffles. Not the best exhaust in terms of performance but this bike wasn’t built to set any records! The short open pipes suited the build best so we went with it.

We then set to work on the fairing it was at this point, after having a facetime call with Gerry, that we decided to ditch all the lights! We were working along a race theme and the lights just didn’t fit in. So it will be ridden on a daytime MOT.
The fairing, again made from aluminium, would be mounted on a thin steel frame that bolts to the main frame. This also holds a new aluminium header tank and the rpm gauge.
The final parts to make and one of the most head scratching pieces was the radiator surround, how do you make such an ugly thing look good. We spoke about fabricating an aluminium radiator but we felt this still wouldn’t be right and the standard radiator works well so why loose it. So we made a shroud around it with steel mesh grill to match the belly pan.

With fabrication complete and Bike Shed Paris in site we started to think about paint. After discussing a few different colours Gerry suggested a Porsche blue which fitted perfectly and that weekend I had seen a clean grey gt40 racing at Goodwood and so the colours were decided. We set to work preparing the panels, eager to lay down the first coats of colour. The racing roundel at the front was painted in Ermine white and signed with our logo.

With the paintwork underway, we had stripped the bike and everything was off at our powder coaters for a dose of matt black. The engine was spruced up along with an oil change and new belts and before we knew it, all the components were back from the powder coaters and the last coat of lacquer had been laid on the tank. We were like kids in a toyshop! Eager to reassemble the bike and see how it looked.

Des worked his magic on the seat upholstery with a double strait stitch in Alcantara and with hours to spare but not yet run and no brakes we headed for Paris. It was a huge sigh of relief and a moment of reflection to see the Ducati sitting on the plinth at the Bike Shed event along with 2 other new builds and 2 previous ones.

With an ear screaming rolling road session to set a new engine map and a few road tests under the belt now she’s riding as good as ever, the same as a production 749 would but in our opinion, looking much sexier! Gerry, the owner, is an avid collector of Ducati’s, one being of a Max Hazan build and an Mv Augusta that Shinya Kimura is currently working his magic on. So with the bike now sitting in Gerry’s collections, she’s in good company.

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