One thing that people have often asked is how difficult was it for me to say goodbye to the Ducati or any of our builds. I was a little sad to see her go, of course, she had been our main company for the last 4 months but if I’m honest, I was mostly just eager to get on with the next project! This handover was particularly special in that this bike was destined to join the collection of Gerald Harrison, The Harrison Collection, to live out its days amongst the likes of Max Hazan and Shinya Kimura customs in the south of France.

Not every customer wants to be involved in the build process but Gerry had the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas and so many ideas for different builds it’s a wonder there’s room in his head for anything else. After many Facetime chats, it felt almost unnatural to just send the bike over without even a handshake and so we decided to meet half way at the amazing Chateaux De Prye. By this time the Ducati had been so prominently featured all over the internet, Gerry joked it was like dating a stripper; everyone has seen her in the flesh before him! It was a beautiful setting for the handover and he was so pleased with the outcome that he spent the next two days talking about the next project. It was an amazing few days for a final goodbye.


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